How to join London Lawyers' Music

Where we rehearse
LLM has a membership of over 100 and welcomes new singers and players. Rehearsals are held:

When we rehearse

The Orchestra rehearses on Tuesday evenings (7.00pm - 9.30pm) and the Chorus on Thursday evenings (7.00pm - 9.00pm).

Auditions and Standards

There are no auditions for the Chorus or Orchestra.  Selection procedures occasionally have to be applied in relation to any over-subscribed woodwind and brass seats in the orchestra and we run a waiting list for these seats.  Orchestra members are expected to learn their parts, for which they will usually need to have reached Grade 8 or thereabouts.

Cost of membership

The current annual subscriptions (2018/19) is £180 for Orchestra and Chorus members. There is a concessionary rate of £90.00 per annum for students. Subscriptions are payable at the beginning of the season and members are encouraged to make their payments through Gift Aid.

We are very grateful to those who feel able to pay the full rate even if they meet the criteria for the concessionary rate, and to those who wish to make an additional donation.

Music is generally provided free of charge.

Further Information & Membership Form

To find out more about becoming a Member, Patron or Friend, you can contact us here

To download our current membership form, please click here: membership form

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